As industry 4.0 continues to push all industries further into working smarter, and creating more with less we will start to witness Industry 5.0 – the next generation of industry. Industry 5.0 offers great opportunity for Warehousing and Distribution operations. As equipment in the scales and weighing industries push further to automations that improve accuracy, reliability and efficiency whilst enhancing safety.

The modern technology on offer gives Warehouse operators and Distributors the opportunity to automate major tasks, significantly reducing operation costs whilst improving return on investment. Complete Weighing Solutions proudly offer a large variety of weighing systems for Warehouses and Distributors.

Some examples of weighing equipment technology currently used are:
  1. Floor Scales/ Pallet Scales: These are used to weigh heavy loads during the recievement and distribution of heavy goods. Floor scales offer high accuracy with mobile options available. They can be placed in a pit to align the scale to be set flush, or can be installed on a level surface.
  2. Bench Scales – Bench scales are a great option for the accurate measurement of small goods and loads. Available in many sizes, styles and capacities bench scales are great for fitting into small areas at a convenient height.
  3. Pallet Jack Scales – Pallet Jack Scales are great for high-volume operations that require constant lifting an weighing of loads. These scales can record a great amount of detail, which enhance processes and saves time.
  4. Vehicle Scales – Vehicle Scales such as axle scales enable cargo and freight to be weighed accurately once loaded onto a given vehicle. Optimising the vehicle weight load, whilst reducing vehicle wear and tear by identifying and allowing for the load to be reduced if the reading show that it is too heavy for the given vehicle.

Utilising the modern technologies available today will enhance business processes, improve productivity whilst reducing losses. If you’d like a consultation on the right equipment for your industry speak to the team at Complete Weighing Solutions Today.